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Monday, February 11, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Scrapping!

I once read on another blog about how, as scrapbookers, we use lots of paper and it isn't really an environmentally friendly hobby. I think on Ali Edwards' blog, she mentioned looking for stuff around the house that you can transform and use. So one afternoon when Tate was bouncing off the walls, we went looking...

Red Robin Coasters... I plan to acrylic paint over them and embellish as needed. I am actually in love with restaurant/bar coasters because they are perfect as large statement-making embellishments.
Here are lots of shapes cut with my Sizzix. Tate and I dug through the recycling bin. What he thought was a kid project, was really for mama's scrapbook stash.

A few layouts made with the shapes we created:
1. The "Love" and heart were made out of a Kashi Cereal box.
2. All of the hearts were cut from stuff we found in the recycling bin. My fave is the large one with the red flower was from a Totino's pizza box and it has a little tiny picture of a pizza on it!
Oh, and Mom, don't show Catie because this scrapbook is a surprise for her!!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

What a fun project! I'm all for being as green as I can be. Cereal boxes make great chipboard pieces. I haven't done much altering anything, but I've been wanting to. Thanks for the inspo!