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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blogging has more SOUL

WOW.  Since I have been writing my blog, this is the longest I have let it go without any posts.  I have been thinking about why, and have discussed BLOGGING vs Facebook and all other social media. I feel as if things have changed, but not for the better, and I am ready to return BACK to blogging. :)

You see, I go to FB every. single. day.  But I hate FB.  I feel kinda dirty and frustrated after sitting on facebook, kind of like when you eat an entire bag of potato chips.  And when I was recently doing Brene Brown's latest ecourse, she asked the question about what is nurturing and what is numbing?  For me, Facebook is NUMBING, but Blogs are nurturing.

When I read blogs, I am reinspired, I am connected with that blogger, I am calm or energized in the best ways.  When I read FB, I am frustrated, I feel as though I have wasted time, and though I can get a lot from it, I feel a different energy.

Here are some of my favorite blogs:

and some of my friends, who have lovely blogs, that make me feel connected to them:

I hope that you are as inspired by their words as I am.  With that, the one change that I will be making for 2014 (starting early, as in NOW!) is that I will be spending more time with blogs, less time with FB.  

If you have a blog, please leave the address below, as I would love to hear your words.
(Ironically enough, I am posting this on FB in order to make the transition back to blogs.)

Also, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject:) xo cat


Bella said...

I'm so glad you'll be blogging more, because I love seeing what you're up to.

Gerri said...

I SO agree. Blogs seem more authentic to me. Whereas FB can feel too much like a soap opera at times. Glad you're back! xxO