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Friday, December 20, 2013

Book Club of ONE

I'm reading this book.  Ok, I'm not reading, I'm listening to an audiobook.  These get me through long drives and flights, and I downloaded it for my recent trip to England.  I didn't get to it until after the trip, because my 3 year was a TRAVELING ROCKSTAR and I could actually watch multiple movies on the flight.  

This book is hilarious.  Mindy Kaling holds on to her inner teeny bop ways, while being an adult, and doesn't apologize for it.  I love her and am secretly a little bit like this as well.  I love clothes and stickers and celebrity gossip and shopping.   I am also capable of an intelligent conversation about a multitude of subjuects, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the more fluffy things of life:) 
On a more serious note, this book was really, really good as well.  Defintely a more serious subject, as it is about a slave that escapes and is recaputured in the precivil war south.  I find myself thinking about Joanna, the main character, all the time as I go about my daily routine.  It makes me extremely grateful, as well as in awe of the women of that time.

 This is one of my favorite Christmas books.  It is themed around baking ( LOVE!) but each page is a different little lesson for your child, such as kindness and compassion.  Full disclosure:  Soleil doesn't love this book.  I want her to, but she would rather read Berenstain Bears Nutcracker.

And finally, a recommendation for an 8 year old.  This book is written comic book style by a guy with an awesome imagination.  The 26 story treehouse is the 2nd book, and Tate asked Santa for it this year.
I'd love to hear any books that you have been loving recently :)  xo cat

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