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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cold Weather means Warm & Cozy Food.

My recipes are usually simple, with the ingredients listed in order of use.  Message me if you want more detail, I am happy to help!

So easy, so satisfying, ate it for breakfast because I was out of oatmeal. 

 This was one of the rare times that I didn't use the McCormick packet.  It was SO MUCH BETTER.

1. Marinate Top Sirloin with Worcestershire Sauce, Soy Sauce, S&P
2. Olive Oil+Butter+ Top Sirloin.  Brown meat, set aside
3. Onion+Mushrooms+more S&P+Tarragon+a little water (to cook mushrooms through).
4. Add Meat back into pot.
5. Cream of Mushroom Soup+1/2 Cup Water+ Squirt of Ketchup (Trust Me!)
6. Simmer until Meat is tender and cooked through.  (I cooked for 40 min, but doesn't need to.)
7. Finish with scoop of Sour Cream.
8.  Serve over Noodles.

Best Leftover Turkey Ever.

1.  Olive Oil+Butter+Onion+Carrots+Celery (cook until starting to soften.)
2.  TBS of Flour+Leftover Turkey+S&P+Poultry Seasoning+Splash of Wine
3.  Chicken Broth+1/2 Milk (Bring to Boil, then simmer to thicken)
4. Leftover Rutabaga (optional)+Cooked Cheese Ravioli
5.  Finish with Chicken Bouillon to Taste.  You could also add cream, if you want thicker.

I fill the leftover soup into these jars, leftover from Bonne Maman Jam, which is my favorite.  They freeze well and hold just the right amount of soup for cold days:)


Bella said...

Love that 1st one for breakfast! Yum. And holy wow, beautiful idea for freezing soup.
Happy Sunday, friend. xo

Cat said...

I'm eating the soup for breakfast today! Clearly, I need to get to the grocery store at some point, but I am hibernating:)

Gerri said...

Oh, the salad looks YUM!!