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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Veggie Meal & Gift Bags

Yes.  This feels nice.... I won't go on and on regarding the last post, but I will say that
1.  It was hard to stay off FB.
2.  I did REALLY enjoy blogs that I went to yesterday.
3.  Blogging is a little bit about carving time out for yourself, which is great.

Right now, it is me and a cup of coffee and my computer, and the kids are reading Christmas books together before we walk to school.  :)  This is awesome.

Now on to today's post....

I was craving white beans.  Here is a very simple, veggie recipe that is quick and delicious.
Carrots+green onion+celery+mushrooms+a little oil+salt&pepper.  Sautee until starting to soften.
 Then add broth.  (I used chicken, obviously NOT vegetarian, but what I had.)   And then add canned white beans and more seasoning of your choice.  I used garlic powder, salt and pepper.
 Cook until warmed through, veggies are a little soft, and more of liquid has bubbled away.  I sometimes add more broth at the end so that it is more like a soup.

Ready to eat!!
 And I made these for my friend, Kat Knupp.  She inspires me to be a better environmentalist each day:)  I stitched up fabric like long pillow cases, with hemmed edges.  I then attached a ribbon to the back, to be tied around the middle after it has been filled.  The middle bag was made drawstring style, which I like the best.  Also, that one is made from felt because I LOVE FELT.  (I have a slight felt addiction.)  You can pull on the ribbons on the side and pull, and the contents will be secured inside.
I hope to make more of these before the holiday season is over!  xo cat


Laura Chin said...

That dish looks amazing! Now I want some lol

Gerri said...

Cat, I think those bags are adorable!!! xxO