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Thursday, March 20, 2014


My friend, Roxanne, has me hooked.
I walked into her house, and she had a whole shelf of (healthy) snacks that she told me she bought for under $1. I always thought couponing was for those folks that buy a lot of processed, prepackaged food.  Roxanne has all healthy stuff, and I wanted to be know how she saved $$.   It was then, that I rethought the whole coupon thing.

The whole process has made me look at shopping in a different way.  I read the ads (there are websites that list them out for you, and even allow you to print out a list!) and planned ahead.  It makes you eat more seasonally, which is better for everyone.

To sum up, this is what I do:
1.  Collect coupons.  Organize them.  (Only keep ones that you will use!)
2.  Check ads online and print list.
3.  Match up with coupon.
4.  Shop on Wednesdays when coupons double at Farm Fresh.
5.  Keep lists and coupons in car in case I have a free moment while I am out to hit the other stores.

I will only go to a different store that week if I they really have a good deal.  I have tried a different store each week (Kroger, Commissary, Harris Teeter, and Farm Fresh) and then picked my favorite (Farm Fresh).

I have saved a ton of $$, folks!! I'd love to hear tips if you have them:)


Gerri said...

Couponing can become it's own full-time job. But, it's so worth it! ;)

Elizabeth said...

I wish I had time to coupon! Its really neat!! :)

Love Always,