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Friday, March 21, 2014

Toddler Crafting

I am sooo lucky!  I have kids who LOVE to craft.  (What would I do if they didn't?? LOL)  Soleil asks regularly if I have a craft for her.  Sometimes, Mama is a little tired, so I have started to plan crafts ahead for her.  They are lifesavers when I need a moment to do something, and of course, I don't want her watching TV.  

This craft was easy... I drew a rainbow on dark paper with white crayon, gave her tissue and a little bowl of glue.  She knew exactly what to do with it!! She has made several creations using the scrunch-up-the-tissuepaper-and-glue method.  

The way I plan ahead is to store each craft in one of these cool stackable containers.  Snapware brand is great, but this one is a joann's version.
The top has pony beads and pipe cleaners, the second has play mais, and the last one is decorative scissors and all different types of paper and a small container of playdoh.  (I make long snakes for her to cut into little pieces).
 If you have to go somewhere and wait a long time (like the auto tune up place!), this is great to bring with you.
One of Soleil's finished creations.  


Elizabeth said...

I need to get a container like that! I love it! It would be great in my room at the preschool!

Love Always,

Gerri said...

Oh, I love the "to go" box!! Gonna share with parents. :) xxO