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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The black and white cookie in the blue bag

Don't ever take the bag of OREOs to the computer... These little cookies are the best thing ever and, while they are quite rewarding at the end of a hard day, I can't STOP!!!

Hump Day and it feels like Hump Day. Nothing special occurred today except that Tate and I tried "Dippin' Dots" for the first time. We were trying to give some to him and his friend, Evan, who was getting a tooth in and we thought the coolness of the weirdo ice cream might help. Yea--the stuff is strange. Not sure if I like it, though we ate it, but I don't think I'll be giving up Marble Slab for it.

Oh and by the way--I HATE Charter. I haven't been able get on the internet consistently for the last week during the day, and as soon as Paul gets home, PRESTO! the internet works.

So my question of the day: What is your all time favorite store bought cookie??
I think you know my answer.

4 Oreos were consumed while making this blog.

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