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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Same Blog as on myspace

OK you Losers--I'm putting my blog back on myspace because no one reads my Cupcakes and Coffee besides Laura!
Woke up with a headache I had all night, was cranky to Paul this morning, and Tate was cranky right along with me. After breakfast we both mellowed out and we are now watching Sesame Street. It is so cute! I love the songs and I wish we had recordings of some of the better ones. The Andre Boccelli song to get Elmo to sleep chokes me up every time, though I think Elmo is highly annoying.
It should be about 900 degrees here in St. Louis yet again today. This is really hot. This isn't Sacramento hot, FL hot or even TX hot....this is like being in a steam room and not being able to escape. We'll be staying indoors today. Hec--we might not even change out of PJs today!

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