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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chocolate Chip Cookies

My sister convinced me to give Tate a cookie, so I baked some. I found this recipe for big soft cookies like the ones i used to eat in high school AS MY LUNCH and they are awesome. I couldn't even finish a whole cookie. Tater Tot has been getting some teeth and has a cold, so today has sucked. The cookie baking was a nice distraction, though I had to hold Tate in the sling and nurse him almost the entire time I was cooking. How do the Amish do it??
The whole house smells so good and it makes me want autumn. I think the 100 degree weather is a blessing--maybe I won't whine about winter as much this year. I found this great site for cool homemade gifts: and then go to the "Links" section. I think it is on the bottom. However, I must warn you, there is some funky stuff out a tampon doll. Under the "Bathroom" section of the plush category.

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Baby Connor said...

Connor has that same outfit Tate is wearing LOL