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Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend Update-Random Thoughts

1. Ever see Chelsea Handler Show on E!? Freaking hilarious. Mind of Mencia is pretty good, too.

2. Forever 21 sucks butt. I went back to buy that flower hoodie and trying to get ANY customer service is impossible.

3. H&M satisfied me, though, with having 2 great sweaters on super duper sale. Buy one get one free!

4. Paul's brother, Steve, came to visit this weekend with his new girlfriend, Sally. We all had a pretty good time. Kind of sucks that he doesn't live closer.

5. I caved and Tate is watching Sesame Street. We'll start "Operation NO TV" tomorrow. I figure it has to be better than all the stupid action movies he was exposed to over the weekend that Paul ALWAYS has on in the background. That, and stupid 80s movies. We did get to see parts of "Fools Rush In" again, but that was after Tate was in bed. Love that movie.

6. We might stay in pjs all day. Stinky still has a cold and I am tired from trying to keep up with my super-social hubby.

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Baby Connor said...

Do we have the same husband LOL