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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Forever 33

Yea that's what they should call the store instead of "Forever 21". The stuff is really cute, even if it does fall apart in 3 washings. I am LOVING their vintage inspired fabrics and the shirt dresses. Another fave is the cute zip up hoodies with flower designs on them.

HOWEVER, are the clothes made for anorexics??? I couldn't fit into hardly any of the clothes I tried on. How exactly is a size 5 smaller than a GAP or J. Crew size 4?? The muffin top that squeezed out (of the size 5 shorts I tried on) was more amazing... Similarly, I could barely get the Medium shirts over my boobies, but then the Large had sleeve opening that were way too big and the rest of the shirt looked like a tent. Basically it looked like cheap maternity wear.

Sunday I might venture out to another store and maybe hit H&M while I am out in the big city of St. Louis. I need some clothes!!

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Baby Connor said...

I LOVE H&M, I had no idea there is one in St. Louis! I have to check it out as soon as possible!!!