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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Science Center

Current mood: happy
Category: Travel and Places

Tate and I were headed to the Galleria in St. Louis because Humungo-boy doesn't have any light weight pjs that fit anymore. He wears his little high water pj pants and I CAN'T FIND ANY ANYWHERE!!

As we were on our way, I passed the Science Center and fantasized about taking him there to run around. Ya know, one of those idyllic scenes I played out in my head since I was prego. On cue, he started wailing for the first time since we left home... I swear the kid is intuitive/psychic.

At that millisecond, I got off on the exit and I was actually spontaneous for once and we pulled into the Science Center. He had a blast! Most of the stuff was WAY over his head, but he liked seeing the other kids, ran all over and wore himself out. Wee-Hee!!!

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