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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Good and Bad of Fall

Today the fall sky made me miss Northern California. It was cool out, with big puffy storm clouds building, with the sun still peeking through. It reminded me of being in Sacramento and seeing the winter storm clouds off in the distance over Lake Tahoe, where it was probably snowing hard. PERFECTLY COOL and beautiful.

(still waiting for copyright permission to use a picture of this...)

But I don't miss that it once took my friend, Tania, 8 hours to get back to San Jose during one of those storms. Oh, and having some no-teethed local selling you the required chains for your car at a marked up price.

Tate and I have been under the weather with the onset of cooler temps. We have been quarantined for the last 2 days and we made a fort. He digs hide and seek SO much, that I actually lost him today. Yea--I called his name, started to panic, searching frantically when I finally found him behind the rocker, laying on the floor and FLATTENING HIMSELF OUT LIKE A RAT so I would n't see him. When I did find him, he started cracking up laughing like he was a crazy person.

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