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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Justin TLake is my boyfriend

so I had a dream that he was...what is that telling me?

I'd never steal him away from Cameron Diaz, though, because I think she is just adorable and hilarious. Have you ever seen the movie "The Sweetest Thing"? Freaking hilarious. Defintitely DO NOT watch it if there are children in any part of the house. It can be a little offensive.

I started making Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies this morning, but Tate decided to be a member of the no-nap club. I hadn't frosted any, but when my friend Katie came over for lunch, I whipped up some old school "powdered sugar and milk" frosting and we just dipped and ate. YUM! Not so pretty, but tasty. I'll work on the Martha Stewart/Williams-Sonoma like looking cookies later. Who am I kidding??? I have never been able to perfect them like that, but it sure is fun on the quest for the perfect sugar cookie...

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Baby Connor said...

I had a dream not too long ago that I was with Andy Garcia and right when it got a little steamy my dear husband woke me up. How did he knew...LOL