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Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekend Update

Here are a few pictures from our weekend...
Paul and I on our anniversary date :)

Sunday Morning Tailgating at the Rams game. We didn't actually attend the game, but Paul really wanted to take Tate. I think he just wanted to be able to make Tate pose for funny pictures...

We were able to get out to the Clayton art fair on Saturday. There were some great artists--my favorite was an artist who used fabric, but it looked like a painting. Paul loved the photography.

Lastly, I am making Halloween pillows for the family room. This one is my first and I was talking to Jennifer Hall while I posed for the picture!

Please remember in your thoughts those families of the 9/11 victims today... It has to be a difficult day for them.


Laura Chin said...

I love that dress, you look fantastic!

Baby Connor said...

Cat, you look great!!!