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Monday, September 18, 2006

Top 5

We decorated for Halloween this weekend and it looks so festive! Paul came up with this idea of a table with a bunch of lighted pumpkins on it...I'll put a pic of daytime and add a nighttime pic later.

Things that SUCK
1. Mosquitos in our yard that continue to keep us inside
2. People who steal 7 day old babies--HAVE YOU SEEN THAT STORY ON THE NEWS?
3. Commercialized Character baby books
4. Changed morning TV schedule
5. When babies skip their nap!

Things that are AWESOME
1. Really nice, super busy McD's workers when you order a McGriddle and then she gives you a free potato cake for waiting patiently...
2. Cute Baby Boys that imitate your singing AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS
3. Pumpkin Spice Coffee
4. Season Premiers on TV
5. U of M beating Notre Dame in football

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