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Friday, September 01, 2006

I hate WalMart, I love WalMart

If you want to torture yourself, go to WalMart on any given weekend...with a baby. If you are smart enough to have stayed away, then let me tell you, it is filled with super rude people with lots of crying children, all trying to find "the deal". For this reason, I hate WalMart. Add the whole discrimination business you hear about, as well as them taking out the mom and pop shops... Megamarts suck.

But Paul loves WalMart more than anyone should. AND he loves to go on weekends. I admit, there are some great deals while you are getting your milk and eggs, a few baby toys and a new ceiling fan, but I hate how they do bid'ness.

Besides the deals, there are moments I change my mind and I actually love WalMart. Like on Friday, when I found THE CUTEST Halloween individual cupcake holders! AWESOME!!!! Paul had to stop me from buying them as I was fratically explaining how "I could bake cupcakes and pack them in Stinky's lunch when he is older and how you never see Halloween ones, and how great would that be in, like, 4 Octobers from now when Tate is old enough to even get excited about it"!!!

Totally unrelated, here is a picture of Tate with his first friend, Evan. We hang out almost every day and they have started to actually interact with one another. It is so cute! Here they are playing with Cheeky, Evan's stuffed monkey.

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