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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Don't eat 5 day old Pork Tenderloin

Warning: the following entry might be slightly offensive.

"I just made oatmeal in my pants!" running out of the room... "Are you serious?" After checking on him... "I didn't get any on my underwear 'cuz it stuck to my butt cheeks." And while on the "pot" telling me this, then starts dancing and singing "I'm bringing sexy back!" by Justin Timberlake.


Baby Connor said...

mDon't you just love it when they share things like that with you and actually think that you are interested and he was probably vwey proud that his underwear stayed clean LOL

Mona said...

ok, you have not identified if this was Paul or Tate that did this....and since Tate can't sing..

Jim Hall said...

I know for a fact that Tate doens't know any Justin Timberlake tunes, so it must be PAUL THAT SHEEEET HIS PANTS and blamed it on your cooking. Doesn't take a CSI person to figure that one out. Remind me never to have dinner at your house, just in case he's right.