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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I don't know how to TAG

There is this blog I go to regularly by this woman who is kind of a scrapbook celebrity. She always has the cutest things in her arsenal of creations as well as on her blog. This TAG-thing was on it and I wanted to fill it out and I "Tag" Mom and Uncle Jim to post on their blogs...

I know someone is supposed to tag me first, but I am initiating it for Mom and Uncle Jim. :)

Here it is:
A= Available~ to Paul only
B= Best Friend~ I have many :)
C= Cake or pie~ cupcakes!
D= Drink of choice~ water, hot tea and coffee
E= Essential item you use everyday ~my planner.
F= Favorite color~ blue (deep, yet vibrant blues that blend into black, like the sky at night)
G= Gummy bears or worms~ WORMS.
H= Hometown~ not sure, I move too much
I= Indulgences~ coffee, chocolate, art supplies, falafel, getting nails done
J= January or February~ February (I love V Day)
K= Kids and Names~ Tate (or Stinky)
L= Life is incomplete without?~ quiet time
M= Marriage date~ Sept 6, 2003
N= Number of siblings~ 4 (1 sister, 3 brothers)
O= Oranges or apples~ both, but I love oranges in winter
P= Phobias or Fears~ something happening to my family members
Q= Favorite Quote~ right now: “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”
R= Reason to smile~ I'm in pjs and relaxing
S= Season~ Fall, no contest
T= Tag 3 or 4 people~ Mom, Uncle Jim, Ursula!
U= Unknown fact about me~ eeee..don't know!
V= Vegetable you don't like~ peas! That is probably the only one.
W= Worst habit~ picking at my nails
X= X-rays~ lots! teeth, arm, jaw
Y= Your favorite food~ all, but I particularly like fresh veggies, freshly cooked meal with good wine eaten outdoors
Z= Zodiac Sign~ Cancer Crab

1 comment:

Mona said...

Whoa! This is an assignment that will take some time and thought. I have been tagged....give me a day.