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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Reading Time!

When Tate was crying for hours on end, never wanting to be put down, resisting sleep whenever we tried, I never thought that ONE DAY he would walk into his room, get in his chair, get a blankie and book and give me the sign for "night- night".
As frustrated as I can be as a new mom, that smile keeps me going and melts my heart.


angel_ljh said...
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Mona said...

That is THE single cutest picture of Tate in the world!

ursula said...

His jammies have feet in haven't cut them off yet? (not his feet)! Ha-ha...loved talking to you tonight.

Laura Chin said...

I'm so glad for you :)
He is SO adorable!!

Jim Hall said...

It only gets better as they get older.

Elsie Flannigan said...

Last night was the third night in a row of getting up almost every hour with my son, Sebastian, 7 months old. I was feeding him, again, since it was the only way he would calm down and go back to sleep. I started crying out of frustration and exhaustion and felt like I had done something wrong along the way in order for this to be his sleeping pattern now. We had been teaching him the BabyWise method for awhile and he was doing well but seems to have reverted. We have him in our room because we're staying with my parents for awhile so we can't exactly just let him cry himself back to sleep anymore.
Anyways, it was sooo good to read your post about Tate and how it does get better someday. I needed to hear that this morning.
He's a sweet looking boy.