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Sunday, January 28, 2007

How quickly can I jump into bed?

Ahhhhh...Sunday night. Tate in bed, house relatively clean, and laundry in the dryer. Is 7pm tooo early to get into pjs? I think I will borrow Tate's portable DVD player and watch my "Alias:The Final Season" DVD in my bed. Heaven!

I was able to escape today and head to Archivers to work on Valentine's Day cards. I will post pics later, as they are part of a card exchange that I am participating in.

Quilt update: The center square that I had to redo due to poor measuring skills is finished. Yea!! It seems so easy and so hard at the same time for a first time quilter :)


ursula said...

I love how you called going to do Valentines Day cards "escape"! You crack me up!

Jim Hall said...

That's why I don't quilt.