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Monday, January 15, 2007

Hot Cocoa

I love hot cocoa. It has that same visual appeal to me as cupcakes--I may not even need to eat/drink either to enjoy them, but I just love what they look like in my scrapbooking, cardmaking etc.

I had some today and felt like poop cuz my sugar levels are all out of whack. Yea--almost passed in Target yesterday...seriously, not being overly dramatic or anything! Luckily I had half a turkey sandwich in my car that I dug out and ate like a pig, or like a teenager devouring an afterschool snack. I STILL have those at 3pm daily. But when I skipped this daily bite to eat, "Walleye Vision" and severe dizziness as I was trying to shop for diapers for my ginormous kid. My dad suggested looking for them in the geriatric aisle.

Tate is in the bathtub and I am frantically typing, savoring my 10 minutes of alone time that I get each night. If I wasn't 100% sure that his bathtub water had little kid pee in it, I would jump in after him to relax. I guess I'll wait and take one later...

I hope everyone had a good MLK Day. More later with pictures!


Valli Girl said...

Sounds like your day was rather full. Sit back and have a cup of Cocoa. Breathe!!

Mona said...

Don't give Tate too much cocoa or cupcakes or you will be shoppping for Depends soon, instead of Pampers!

Rachel Whetzel said...

Mmmmm With all th freezing weather around here, I think hot coco and cupcakes would make a GREAT afternoon treat. Might have to make me some!