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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


When Tate goes down our stairs to the basement, he throws himself on the floor at the top, turns around and then flattens like a rat to slide all the way down AS FAST AS HE CAN while going "arggggggggggggggg!"

I guess that is one way he expends his crack baby amounts of energy while it is freezing outside.

I had time to scrap this weekend. Here are pics of 2 pages of my "She" album, inspired by Creating Keepsakes class.

Also, I am still hot cocoa obsessed and made a card for my friend, Jen, in Denver who has mounds and mounds of snow. The template for the card can be found at Mirkwood designs: --a great site by a pretty creative person.


Mona said...

WOW! You are giving Heidi Grace and Elsie Flannigan a run for their money these days. Your work is wonderful.

Cat said...

yea right, but thanks Mom. The big difference is that I scrap-lift most of the stuff I make whereas those talented ladies come up with it on their own! It is fun to create in any case :)

Jim Hall said...

Cat, you should get Tate a little sled to slide down the stairs on. Your crafting is excellent. Kind of like my woodworking, I steal all my ideas. I'm not creative enough to come up with designs on my own. Besides, the instructions are always there.

Laura Chin said...

that's exactly what Tate needs Jim, something to make him faster so he can crack his head harder. good job heheh