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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Some Scrapped Pages

Here are a few pages that I scrapped this weekend. The first is the result of searching for the perfect spring dress. The HUGE sales at the mall were my inspiration and I STILL left empty handed. Ok, maybe I did find 2 shirts at Banana Republic, but that wasn't what I was looking for! I couldn't pass up 60% off.
The second page is from Tate's 1st birthday celebration in Indiana Beach. If anyone watched the Simpsons this Sunday, I think they based that episode off of Indiana Beach. Hee Hee!
QUILT UPDATE: Each day I do a small portion, making a small goal each day and actually accomplishing it. And even though I like math, it has been the biggest challenge on this project. I keep forgetting if you need 16 inches, you actually need 16 1/2 inches to allow for the sewing space... "seam allowance" I'm told by those experienced! I suck at making quilts.


Mona said...

Practice makes perfect, especially with quilts! Don't give up!

Jim Hall said...

I was going to say "Practice makes perfect and Don't give up" she beat me to it. So, I'll just say, "Hang in there", look at how long your Mom and Aunt Debbie have been doing quilts.