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Monday, March 22, 2010

Quilt Tutorial Part 2

  • You have a your quilt sandwich : bottom fabric, batting, quilt top--whatever you sewed together to make pretty.
  • Now you have to "quilt" it.
Basically, you are sewing patterns with a straight stitch, through all 3 layers, from the center out. This is what makes your blankie all nice and cozy.

You can: 1. machine quilt 2. hand quilt

I have never machine quilted, but looks fairly easy. My mom hand quilts, so that is what I learned. Also, it is nice to be able to do something with your hands while watching TV (in my case, really dumb reality shows...)

  • You secure a section with an embroidery hoop or a cool quilting "hoop" (mine is actually square) that you can find at a quilt/craft shop.
  • Then, you sew.
With this quilt, I am just following the pattern of the fabric, but on the last quilt I made, I made spirals. Hand drawn, nothing special spirals on each square....
Use a quilting needle and quilting thread, both available at local shops.

Part 3 to come....
Part 3 and the final tutorial is sewing the binding, which is a fancy name for the fabric that covers the edges once your quilt is all "quilted".

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