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Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday Monday Monday

I love Mondays.
I was gone all weekend (went to London to see Dave Matthews Band--IT WAS AMAZING.) and now I have the house to myself for half a day. So much to get done, so much I want to do...

Creative Stuff I'm working on
  • Tate's Blue Quilt
  • Soleil's Room (somehow combining Steel Gray, Hot Pink, Light Pink and hearts)
  • Newspaper Banner for Paul's Bday. Tutorial here.
  • Downloading Pics from the weekend
Stuff I have to do
  • Clean Foyer/Bureau
  • Cook Dinner (Crockpot ideas??)
  • Help in Tate's class
  • Make Dr. Appt for Tate
  • Make Posters for Cake Sale (could be in both categories..)

What is on your to-do list?

1 comment:

Lisanna said...

Dave Matthews!?!
I can't believe it!! Had I only known!
I saw them perform in London 12 years ago at Shepherd's Bush Empire (can't believe it was that long ago...). Too too good.
Glad to hear last Saturday's concert was good too. I've been wondering what the vibe would be like without LeRoi.
On my to-do list today, burn a mixed cd for my friend who just had a baby, sort through the photos I've been taking the last month, bake an apple crisp and then a bunch of boring things I'll likely avoid... Are you going to the Makery again this week?