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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am Solar Powered.

I stole this phrase from an old friend of mine that I have since lost contact with. (Not very good for someone who lives in England, even though I do love it here...)

That being said, it was sunny all weekend! We had to head outside.
Lots of amazing playground equipment (at Royal Victoria Park in Bath) and Tate wants to play with a stick.

Bubbles and Flowers.
And on the crafting front, I stamped some things on to the pages of a French Cookbook and used them to make a few cards:

I also had a chance to work on Tate's quilt this weekend. I will post about that later along with THE EASIEST QUILT TUTORIAL EVER. I have always been confused by the whole quilt making process, and I want to unlock the mystery...

1 comment:

flora said...

What pretty cards! That's a great idea stamping on a recipe page!

We had rain all weekend...boohoo! but I'm glad you had nice weather!