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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Easy Quilt Tutorial-Part 1

Ok, This is how to make a quilt.

Make a sandwich, and then fasten with a bunch of safety pins:
  • Quilt Top (basically, scraps of pretty fabric that you sew together to make a big rectangle the size you want.)
  • Batting (This is a sheet of flat stuffing, available at craft stores.)
  • Big Piece of Fabric (Clearance Fabric, Thrifted Sheet/Duvet Cover, anything cheap)
Quilt Top:
Remember, you can sew the Quilt Top HOWEVER YOU WANT! I was always immobilized by all the quilt patterns and books and sewing machines. And then my friend, Paula, unlocked the mystery. "Just make one piece of fabric stick to the other where you want it".

If you read the sewing machine manual as to how to thread machine, put the fabric in the machine (With the pretty patterned sides together, sewing together in the back) and go, you will be ok.
If you want to figure stuff mathematically, go for it. I made 9 inch blocks and then put a 1 1/2' inch strips between. (Translation: Cut block 9 1/2"--you figure 1/4" each side for sewing. 1/4 times 2=the extra 1/2 inch.)

Fancy Cutting Tools.
You can just use scissors, just measure a bazillion times, and cut as evenly as possible.
If you have perfectionistic issues like me, you can buy this. You basically line up the fabric on the line you want, use the clear straight edge and use the pizza cutter looking thing to cut fabric. (You will mess up the 1st 3 times you try it, and then it gets easy.)

**TIP: GET YOUR IRON OUT. Once you have sewed one piece to another, open up and iron so that it opens up and looks pretty.

**TIP 2: Listen to music.

More to come!!!!


flora said...

Great tips! You're making it sound so easy I might even try my hand at quilt making! thanks!

Natalie said...

you're quilting!! that's awesome! i haven't stopped by in a great to catch up on your blog. thanks for always stopping by and leaving comments, especially during my difficult time. do you have skype? maybe we can catch up that way soon. :)