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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Quick Dinner and Cute Plates

We got home later than usual, due to the beautiful sunshine. This meant that I had only a short time to prepare dinner.

Mom's Spaghetti and Sausage. (She uses Kielbasa, we used Turkey Sausage.)

1. Dice up Zucchini/Courgette, Mushrooms, Sausage. (onions and peppers are good, too!)
2. Saute in Olive Oil and Butter.
3. Add salt, pepper, oregano.
4. Add cooked Pasta and Pasta Sauce.
5. Top with Parmesan and Serve!!
It couldn't be any easier and it is yummy.

Also, if you need an equally yummy drink to go with it, Mix equal parts of Orange Juice and Pomegranate Juice and top with a splash of club soda and a lime.

Couldn't resist these from the charity shop! They cost about 2.70 (pounds) and I needed change for the meter.
On the way back from purchasing the cute plates, I stumbled into this shop. SO CUTE!!! I love the style. It is J. Crew meets Polo, with a British twist. The colors in the catalog do not do the real thing justice--they are very vibrant in person. The quality is really good and the shop was very well styled.

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Anonymous said...

This recipe just keeps evolving! It began as "Mom's Kielbasa Surprise", which meant use up Keilbasa with whatever vegetables are left in the house! Every one of my children loved it, no matter what I throw in. It has moved to the next generation. Love it!