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Monday, March 15, 2010

Nesting Overdrive

I usually love Mondays. However, today, I have about a bazillion projects floating around in my head and they all seem like I need to do them NOW.

The Quilt
Soleil's Room
Clean the Casa
Bday/Baby Packages
Operation Brother Visit

I leave you with pics of components I have assembled for the baby's room. I am searching for curtains that match and fabrics I can make the bedding with. All suggestions very welcome!!

1 comment:

Paula Clare said...

Cute, cute, cute! Find out what manufacturer the rug and/or fabrics you like are from, then do a search on Ebay or an image search on Google. I have found LOTS of coordinating stuff that way! Oh! And don't forget Craigslist for local possibilities!

Apparently ONE OF US knows the sex of the forthcoming child? Hmmmmm?

BTW, LOVE your new banner! It's too, TOO!

Hugs and Love,
Paula Clare

PS Don't forget Cath Kidston for too die for fabrics and coordinating goodies!